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Do medical insurance facilities differ from company to company?

Q: My father is 54 years old and suffering from lung cancer for the last three years. I used to claim the medical expenses. I have now joined a new company, which does not provide family insurance. It has certain rules like parent age should not be more than 50 years. In case it is more than 50 years, then there are some medical tests that need to be done. And pre-existing disease expenses cannot be claimed. I know that corporate medical policy provides these facilities. The company told me that they can’t afford such policies as they are a small company. My family is already insured for the last 5 years in corporate policy. What do I do?

A:There are many relevant issues that have been raised in this query by you. The first is the practice of Group Health Insurance provided by Corporates in India: As you have discovered, there is no uniformity in practices. Depending upon the premium paying capacity of the organisation, the past practices, any international benefits philosophy etc contribute to the type of features that are provided to their employees The seconed issue relates to continuity and portability of benefits. Most insurers are divided on this. There is no comprehensive guidelines provided by IRDA, the apex regulator, on this issue Not all corporate medical policies need to have or have the same features. It is a benefit for the employee not to be contrued a right.


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