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Do I need treatment for hepatitis B infection?

Q: Presently the blood tests for HBV are as follows: HBV DNA qualitative test is positive; HBV DNA quantitative test is negative i.e. < 20 copies/ml; HBeAg is negative; anti-HBeAg is reactive; SGPT and SGOT are 21 each. Biopsy of liver was done and no inflammation was found. Please inform me if any treatment is required? What is importance of HBV DNA, what is the meaning of anti-HBeAg is reactive and is there any chance of eradication of virus from body?

A:It looks like you have a low level of hepatitis B virus infection. 1. Presence of HBV DNA means that you have infection with hepatitis B virus. Your HBeAg is negative and Anti-HBeAg is reactive. These are good signs and indicate an immune response against the E antigen of the virus. 2. Since your liver enzymes are normal and liver biopsy does not show any inflammation, you do not need any treatment. 3. There is a 5% per year chance that you will eradicate the virus spontaneously.


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