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Do I need treatment for H. pylori infection?

Q: I had a H. pylori bacterial infection in my stomach. After taking antibiotics, it cured, but since then my stomach lining has become weak; I feel heaviness in stomach and feel swollen and I cannot take spicy foods. Since then my diet is also reduced. It's already been 3 years now. Please give me suggestions on curing my disease and precautions I have to take.

A:From the information that you have provided, it appears that you were treated for H. pylori infection without an ulcer. The evidence for benefit from such treatment of H. pylori in non ulcer dyspepsia (which is what I think you suffer with) is quite small, and there is no need for you to be either re-tested or re-treated. You do not say that you have lost any weight over the last three years, except for your continued symptoms of dyspepsia. My advice for you is this: you suffer with a very common gastrointestinal condition called non ulcer dyspepsia and unfortunately, this is not completely curable. You will continue to get symptoms of varying severity from time to time, and nothing can make you completely symptom free. You should take medications to reduce the acid production in your stomach such as Omeprazole or Lansoprazole in a dose of 10mg or 15 mg, once a day. Your diet should not include too spicy or hot food, and also avoid fatty foods like cheese, butter, ghee and cream. If you have new symptoms of weight loss, anaemia, sensation of food getting stuck in the stomach, and not passing down, you need to see a gastroenterologist, and an endoscopy may be required again. At the moment, I do not suggest that you take any other medication, until your symptoms get worse.


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