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Do I need to undergo any tests for my cold & cough?

Q: Two weeks ago, I had severe cold, for which I took Coldarin. Within 2-3 days the cold was over, but I had chest congestion. I took a homeopathic medicine, Bryonia 30 to release the cough. After a day or two the cough relieved. But I noticed some blood particles along with the cough. Initially I didn't take it seriously, but when it continued for two days, I got tense. I consulted the doctor, who checked my BP, which was slightly above normal. He prescribed Cephadox 25 and Ralcidin. The blood along with cough almost stopped but occasionally some particles are seen. Do I require a thorough check up?

A:Cold is caused by viruses, which cannot be killed by any antibacterial. In due course symptoms of cold such as fever, cough, congestion, nose block, etc disappear on their own due to body's own immunity. No medicine needs to be taken except paracetamol (Crocin) to reduce fever. For nose block and/or congestion in the lungs one can use Sinarest Vapocaps via steam inhalation. Every medical student is taught that cold is cured in one week if treated and in seven days if no medicine is given. Coldarin and Ralcidin are similar medicines; only the brand name is different. During severe cold with lot of forceful cough and congestion, blood streaks may appear. No treatment is required, except steam inhalation.


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