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Do I need to undergo a PET scan?

Q: I am a 41-year-old female. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and operated two years back. I have completed my entire course of treatment of chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy. I have been going for regular check-ups every three months. I was advised to go for a blood test CA 15.3. Initially, i.e. a few months ago, the test result was 45 U/ml, but after 3 months the recent value came to 89.12 U/ml. On seeing the rise, the doctor advised me to go for a bone scan, CT scan, mammogram and ultrasound; all reports are clear. Now I have been advised to undergo a PET scan. I am a bit worried. Is this normal? If the PET scan is clear, then what is the next step?

A:CA 15.3 marker can be elevated in other benign conditions also. However, if PET scan is normal, one would keep you under observation and repeat CA 15.3 after 1-2 months.


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