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Do I need surgery for treating phimosis?

Q: I am a 27 years old male suffering from phimosis. I consulted a urologist and started stretching process from last 2 months. I have almost 80% recovered and can now retract my foreskin. But my glans have become so sensitive that it secretes some fluid on just little excitement and due to stretching the loose skin on the tip irritates me. Can some of the extra skin be removed?

A:The best treatment for a non-retractile prepuce is circumcision, in which the prepuce is removed. An alternative operation is dorsal slit, in which the prepuce is widened but not removed. Many people believe that a dorsal slit does not look as good as a circumcision. Note that the dorsal slit is inferior cosmetically, but otherwise works just fine. Your prepuce is retractile with difficulty. I think you should undergo a procedure. In my opinion, circumcision is better than a dorsal slit, but ask your urologist for advise.


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