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Do I need medication to control my cholesterol levels?

Q: I am 40 years old. I weigh 93 kg and I am 167 cm tall. My blood test results suggest that my triglycerides are high and HDL cholesterol is low. I undergo this test every 3-4 months and find the same problem every time. I have been taking Lopid 600 (Gemfibrozil) regularly but stopped taking it last year, because my reports became normal after diet control and regular exercise. I went for a test again earlier this month and found: Serum Glucose (sugar) - 95.00 mg/dl; Uric Acid - 7.30; Triglycerides - 331.00; Cholesterol - 199.00; HDL Cholesterol - 29.00; LDL - 103.40; VLDL - 66.10; Chol/HDLC - 6.85. Is there any risk factor? How long do I have to continue taking Lopid 600 (Gemfibrozil)?

A:You are very heavy. Your BMI is 33.4 which puts you in the category of obesity grade I. Your weight should not be more than 70-72 Kg. Please go on a 1200 calorie diet and use little amount of Olive oil instead of Ghee, Butter or Vanaspati in cooking. The lipid profile will automatically right itself. You should also walk briskly at least for half an hour daily. It is no use taking more and more drugs. For the present you can continue the Lopid.


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