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Do I need another surgery to get rid of pain in the stitches?

Q: I am 36 years old. Seven years back I had a hysterectomy because the mouth of the uterus was closed. The doctor said that they were not able to help by D&C, that is why they did the operation. I suffered a lot during the post-operative period. For 3 months, pus came out from the suture and dressing had to be done twice daily. The problem resolved slowly. After 4 years, I am again suffering from pain near the last stich, especially during periods, there is a lot of pain, which continues for 10 days. My gynaecologist asked me to undergo the scan for scare endometriosis. But it showed nothing. She advised me to take Meftasspas thrice daily during periods. She advised me to take Crocin, if the pain continues. Now it is reduced. What is the remedy for this. I am unable to concentrate on any work. What is the permanent solution? Do I need to undergo another surgery?

A:Sometimes, for a complete recovery it can take 4-6 months for the scar to heal and sutures to be absorbed. It is better to wait it out, take some crocin if the pain is unbearable sos only during the pain and carry on with normal activity. If after this time period the pain is not less, then you can consult for a scar excision of that area to be sure there is no nerve entrapped-which is rare. If your sleep at night is undisturbed, I would not worry too much since with time the pain should get less.


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