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Do I need an operation for shoulder dislocation?

Q: While doing pushups on a very awkward position I experienced a left shoulder dislocation. I was using slings for sometime and was advised to be careful but this repeated 4 more times - whenever I used to lift my hand above my head with weight the dislocation happens. I met a couple of experts in Bangalore and in Delhi and was suggested for an operation. But I don't want to undergo an operation fearing the future complication. But for the past 1 year I am very careful and avoiding over working of my left hand. What should I do to strengthen my shoulder? Secondly, sometimes early in the morning after waking up I experience a slight stiffness in my right shoulder. When I try to swing my arms I could feel that something is rubbing inside my shoulders. But its not very consistent and creates problem. I fear it has got something to do with my general body condition. I am a south Indian vegetarian and like to eat plenty of fruits and vegetarian.

A:If your shoulder has not dislocated for one year you need not have the operation since it is possible that it may not dislocate again. In the unfortunate event of dislocation occurring once more, I think you should have the operation done. The problem of your stiffness in the shoulder can be taken care of by regular exercises which can be shown to you by an orthopaedic surgeon or physiotherapist. I do not know if the diet will make any difference to any of these conditions.


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