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Do I need a cervical stitch to prevent pre-term delivery?

Q: I am pregnant the second time and carrying twins. My first child weighed 3.8 kg and I had to undergo a caesarean section. My doctor has suggested a cervical stitch in the fifth month to prevent pre-term delivery. How necessary is it to take cervical stitch and what are the pros and cons?

A:The most important risk in twin pregnancies is pre term birth. (up to 57% before 37 weeks) The things that are done to prevent pre term labour/birth are: -bed rest -serial ultrasounds (to check for cervical length) -cerclage. Have you had an ultrasound to measure the cervical length? If the length is short a cerclage may be helpful. In some clinical trials the cerclage did not really prolong the gestational age. If your doctor is concerned because of whatever she is seeing as a risk factor please follow her advice.


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