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Do I have skin disease of my penis?

Q: I think I have some sort of a skin disease on my penis. It looks like fungus. If I do not clean my penis within 10 hours, a pale white layer gets deposited on the surface. If I move the outer skin backward, I can see cracks on the surface of the skin. There is no itching. Also, it cannot be due to a sexually transmitted infection since I do not have intercourse with anyone else besides my wife. Once I clean it, the skin becomes smooth. What ointment should I apply? If I have to consult a doctor, whom should I consult?

A:I think you are right in your diagnosis. You are probably suffering from candidal balanoposthitis. It is likely that you may have diabetes mellitus, so get your blood sugar tested. Also get your wife examined from a dermatologist or gynaecologist for ruling out candidal vulvovaginitis. Both of you need investigations to confirm your diagnoses followed by proper treatment. Clean the genitalia with lukewarm normal saline water and apply an antifungal cream (like candid cream) twice daily. Oral antifungals like fluconazole or itraconazole may be prescribed, if needed. Your wife may need treatment if she has that problem with vaginal clotrimazole tablets or oral antifungal agents. Get your treatment on the advice of the doctor - preferably a dermatologist.


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