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Do I have heel and back pain due to high ASO titre?

Q: I am a 24 years old man having high ASO titre - 400 IU/ml due to, which I have pain in both my heels and my back. Please advise.

A:Reading through your problem I can tell you that you are a victim of one of the biggest and the most widespread misunderstanding among doctors related to ASO titre test. This test is done in children below 12-15 years of age to detect sore throat caused by a bug called streptococcus. In a very small number of such children, rarely, it can cause permanent damage of the heart valves causing serious heart problem in children and young adults.

Therefore, I am not sure why this test - ASO titre - is being done by the doctor in your case. Firstly, you are not a child, and your age is not below 15 years. Secondly, you have not heart disease. Lastly, ASO titre can never cause heel or back pain.

Therefore, you should contact a rheumatologist (physicians with specialised training in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of joint diseases) for proper advice and treatment of your condition.


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