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Do I have diabetes or any other disease?

Q: Recently, I have done my blood test and following are the results (where pathologist have indicated as high) - blood glucose PP - 193.9 mgs%, cholesterol - 201.6 mgs%, globulin - 3.7 gms%, examination of urine - (a) pus cells - 1-2/hpf, (b) epithelial cells - 1-2/hpf. Since I have not got any positive / satisfactory response from the doctor, please suggest what this blood test indicates and whether I have any diabetes or any other disease? Is it a serious concern? What precautions should be taken and what diet do I take? I am 48 years old.

A:The current criteria for the diagnosis of diabetes is as follows: Fasting blood glucose of 126 mg% or a 2 hour blood glucose of 200 mg or more after 75 G of glucose or a random blood glucose of 200 mg or more with associated symptoms such as excessive urination, hunger etc. In your instance, I am assuming that your blood test was done after a meal. If the meal did not contain adequate amounts of carbohydrates your blood glucose may not rise to the diagnostic level even though you may have diabetes. I am concerned that your blood glucose reading is at the upper limit of normal. You should have a fasting and a post- prandial blood glucose done after 75 G of glucose to clarify this matter. Your cholesterol is just above the normal value. A low fat diet and exercise should help normalise this value. Please repeat your lipid profile in a year to make sure there is no upward trend in the values. The rest of your lab data is essentially normal and requires no further evaluation Maintaining your ideal weight is important - diet and exercise is key for this.


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