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Do I have an allergy or a fungal infection?

Q: Since childhood I sweat a lot. This caused an allergy on my legs. I used some medicine and it became alright but it has started. At the sides below my penis too there has been some burning of the patches which seem allergic. Can you give me some solution to my problem?

A:From what I can comprehend is that you might be suffering from a fungal infection. Tinea (ringworm) is the name used for infection of the trunk, legs or arms with a fungus. The term ringworm refers to round or oval red scaly patches, often less red and scaly in the middle or healed in the middle. The rash has a scaly raised red border that spreads down the inner thighs from the groin or scrotum. Tinea cruris may form ring-like patterns on the buttocks. It is not often seen on the penis or vulva or around the anus. Tinea cruris can be very itchy. The diagnosis of tinea cruris is confirmed by microscopy and culture of skin scrapings. Treatment of Tinea consists of the following: - Dry the groin carefully after bathing using a separate towel. - Do not share towels, sheets or personal clothing. - Avoid wearing occlusive or synthetic clothing. - If you are overweight, try to lose weight to reduce sweating. - Anti-fungal creams or tablets treat the condition. - Anti-fungal powders can be sprinkled to soak the sweat.


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