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Do I have a urinary infection?

Q: I am a 25 years old man and I feel burning sensation while urinating. I got the urine examination done and the report showed – proteins - traces (10.0 mg/dl), leukocyte esterase – positive, RBC -10-13 /HPF, pus cells - 40-75 /HPF, epithelial cells – few. What should be the further line of treatment?

A:Burning sensation while urinating along with the positive leukocyte esterase test and the presence of pus cells (more than 2 WBC/HPF in males) and RBCs (more than 3 RBC/HPF) on urine examination is suggestive of urinary tract inflammation. At your age the two most common causative factors for such a finding are urinary tract infection or stone in the urinary tract.

I would suggest you to give urine sample for culture and sensitivity test and start antibiotics according to the culture report. Also an Ultrasound of KUB (kidney ureter and bladder region) should be done to rule out stone disease.

In case you have fever with abdominal or back pain, you should start an empirical antibiotic in consultation with your physician. The antibiotic should preferably be started after giving urine sample for culture and sensitivity.


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