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Do I have a sexual problem?

Q: I am a 25 years old male and facing the following problems: 1) Burning sensation of penis and testes. 2) Low sperm count. 3) My testes hang lower than normal and the size is quite big. 4) I recently visited a prostitute and was not able to have sex because I failed to get an erection. I don’t have any issues with erection prior to this episode. Do you think that there is something seriously wrong with me? Please help.

A:You have cited many problems which have to be tackled one by one. Apparently, for a layman, these all relate to perineal area but have different etiology and predispositions. Your problems are 1. Suspected chronic prostatitis (burning and vague symptoms in perineal area. 2. Oligospermia (low sperm count, related or unrelated with chronic prostatitis). 3. Psychogenic impotence (performing masturbation well but not having erection in anxiety conditions like with a prostitute). 4. Enlarged testis (suspected hydrocoele). You must visit a urologist for appropriate investigations and treatment.


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