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Do I have a serious UTI problem?

Q: I am 37 years old suffering from a urinary tract infection (UTI). Till eight days back I used to get a severe burning sensation before, during, and after urinating, and my urine had blood and some tissue in it. I took Macrobid, and for the first three days I felt good. But then if I don't drink enough water the burning sensation comes back, and lasts till the time I urinate. Now I have increased my fluid intake and have been drinking 100% pure cranberry juice. Is my problem serious?

A:It is not uncommon to have urinary tract infections once or twice in a year during the reproductive age group. During this age, such episodes are invariably associated with sexual activity. Usual precautions that I can advise you are as follows:

  • Drink extra glass of any fluid at the time of sexual activity.
  • Pass urine immediately afterwards. If these measures fail to control the repeat episodes, your treating physician may advise investigations like ultrasonography to rule out any abnormality in your urinary tract, apart from putting you on a low dose antibiotic prophylaxis.


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