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Do I have a lymphoma?

Q: I would like to know about lymphoma. I am having recurrent slight pain once in a month in my arm pit. Also I noticed slight swelling not more than one centimetre. This pain and swelling lasts only for two days and it is going on itself without any medicines. This pain goes on shifting from one arm pit to the other. This problem is continuing for the last ten months. I took two courses of antibiotics as per the doctors advice but of no use. I underwent CBC and Ultrasound scanning of my arm pits and there is no lymph node involvement as per the doctors. But my concern is whether it is connected with any lymphoma. I underwent peripheral smear blood test and the pathologist gave the opinion that I am slight anaemic and have reactive lymphocytes. I don't have any considerable weight loss or night sweats or fever. My doctors are telling nothing serious about my problem. But after seeing many write-ups about lymphoma I am very much worried. Kindly advise me whether it can be due to lymphoma or not. I have underwent HIV 1 and 2 and tested negative. My WBC count is 9200 and lymphocytes are 24%. ESR is 6 mm. So kindly advise me and give some solace.

A:Your total leukocyte count, ESR and ultrasound are normal; you have no lymph nodes and there are absolutely no symptoms - I wonder what made you think of lymphoma! Please be reassured that there is nothing at all to suggest a lymphoma. Swelling in the armpit can be due to any number of reasons, with a local infection being most likely. The surest way to diagnose a lymphoma is to biopsy the enlarged lymph node. There is no cause for concern and try to engage yourself in some sport or hobby rather than dwell needlessly on medical conditions.


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