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Do gall stones cause indigestion?

Q: I am 37 years old having 2 to 3 gall stones sized 14 mm. I never had any pain for this but a constant hyperacidity problem. I take rabiprazole once daily but sometimes it does not work so I have to take 2 along with zintac and digiene. I can't take fatty, fried and spicy food since 4 years. I fear surgery. Is there any alternate medicine? I came across gall cleanse therapy and olive oil therapy on the Internet. Should I try one of these? If surgery is the last option, is it safe?

A:I note that you have 2/3 gallstones discovered on investigations. This, I feel is the major contributor to your indigestion and the only way to become healthy again is to have them removed by operation, as gall stone resolution can take along time to become successful and is advised only in those who have a solitary stone.


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