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Do febrile seizures affect the eyes and mind?

Q: My 3 years old son had a febrile seizure four months back and became unconscious twice. But for the last 2 weeks he had his eyes like go up for 2 second and then he plays normally afterwards. What is this? The doctor advised to wait for 6 weeks but I am worried about my son. Will it affect his mind? Please advise.

A:I understand that four months back, your child had convulsions with fever, but since the last 2 weeks he is having events without fever. Generally, convulsions occurring because of fever at this age are called Febrile Convulsions, and are self limiting in most cases. They do not harm the brain unless very prolonged, and do not require long treatment with medications. But these brief episodes of up rolling of eyes without fever, are most likely brief myoclonic seizures. You should note what time of the day they occur, does he become blank for a few seconds, does he stop what he is doing at that time, does he have jerks, or does he drop things? I think you should seek an early consultation with a neurologist. An EEG test is must to document that these are indeed seizures or tics. If you could video record them and show them to your GP, it would make a case for an early referral. Lastly, if your child has no developmental delay, and his mentation and milestones are fine, then there are excellent chances that he will improve.


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