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Do drugs taken for nephrotic syndrome affect conception?

Q: When I was 16 yrs I got nephrotic syndrome and started taking Wysolone which I took for 7-8 months. Then I took Endoxon 50mg for 3 months and I got my periods regularly and my TLC and haemoglobin were within the normal range. Now I am 22 yrs and married and I want to conceive a child. I want to know if I will face any problem/complication or any side effects in my child due the medicines which I took? Thank you and waiting for your reply.

A:I would guess that you did not get a kidney biopsy done at age 16. I would also guess that you have no protein in urine at present and you are normal. A single course of Endoxan 50 mg for 3 months should not have caused any damage to the ovaries. Considering that you are normal, present with no protein, you can go ahead and conceive. However you must monitor your blood pressure during pregnancy. Your child should not have any problems related to the drugs you took at 16 yrs of age.


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