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Diabetic with uterine fibroid

Q: My mothers age is 46. She is a Diabetic patient since 15years. In these 15 years, most of the time her glucose level was high (over 300). Meanwhile she got Fibroid in her stomach. At present, her glucose level is almost getting normal, something good, but unfortunately now her Fibroid size is as a 9 months baby. When ever she walks, it seems like as if she is preagnent. Now in this condition, my mom feels pain in her left Kidney, I guess because the Fibroid is also located at the left side of her stomach, and she is very often feeling too much of pain in her fibroid. One of the Doctor said most of the time when old diabetic patients have their operation, their stiches are not successful. So my mom is scared that after the operation what if her stiches are not successful. This year I tried contacting a Gynaecologist so that atleast a laser operation could be done on her, unfortunately the Doc said she cant operate a laser operation on my mom because she is an old diabetic patient. The Doc also said even if my mom doest have a laser operation the hospital would only admitt her for one day and then discharge her the next day. In addition, in Toronto many doctor are being laid off due to an economy recesion. So all the hospitals and plus the Docs are fully over booked. For example my momthers next Gynaecologist appointment is after 2 months (Only consultation). We are very very confused, deppressed, and upset. Also here in toronto you can barely find a lady Gynaecologist. We are planning to come to Mummbai in the Mid of August. (1)If you can please guide me to a very good expert Gynaecologist and excellent hospital in Mumbai I would really appreciate. (2)Please let me know what steps should be taken for my mother now? (3)Should she still wait for any reason? (4)Is it compulsary for her to have an operation now right away or the Fibroid will itself shrink? (5)Is there any danger she could face; if she has an operation or if she doesnt or if she keeps the Fibroid? (6)Is there any good Lady Gynaecologist we can meet here in Toronto if you know of one?

A:I have gone through your query and have come to a conclusion that your mother, 46 years old, is a diabetic with a uterine fibroid of very large size, which need surgical removal, at the earliest. She needs to have her blood sugar controlled, as you are very well aware that diabetic patients can have problems with healing of wounds. If the fibroid is not removed, she can have recurrent attacks of pain in abdomen, heavy and painful periods, problems in passing urine and stools - thus it is best to remove the uterus at the earliest. You can come and visit me at the consulting room as soon as you arrive in Mumbai, after a prior appointment.


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