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Could an allergy due to change in climate be cured?

Q: I am a 32 years old man. I am suffering from cold and cough for the last 6-7 years. This normally happens when there is a change in the climate or when I take food outside. I get a breathing problem during this period and my ears and nose gets blocked, I become insensitive to smells. What precautions should I take? Prescribe some permanent cure for this.

A:This is an allergic reaction to pollution, dust and temperature change. You have to avoid all these things as much as you can. Also maintain a diary to jot down what are the things that provoke these attacks. Identification of the provocative factors and then their subsequent prevention is the best form of treatment for allergy of the nose, throat and lungs. There is no permanent cure for this. This is an altered body reaction, just meet your doctor and he will guide you better.


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