Cold & cough

Q: My son is 2years & six months old hwas sick from last six months suffering from cold & cough since 4 days , his weight is 10.5kg. Please give me advise how to give simple &best treatment

A:Colds are virus infections which are very common in children of her age, until they have become immune to the common viruses. The children catch the viruses at day nurseries or from older brothers and sisters. It is very doubtful that cold weather itself causes the symptoms. However, we do recommend that children should be dressed warmly in cold weather with an insulated jacket, a scarf and gloves.You have to take care that this allergy does not turn into Asthma later. Avoid areas where there is lot of smoke or allergens in the environment. It is advisable to drink plenty of water and other fluids like soups and fruit juices. If she is otherwise well, just a few precautions need to be taken and she can lead a normal life. Be in touch with her paediatrician.


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