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cold and throat infection

Q: I was suffering from cold and throat infection since two months. I was administersed antibiotics ,first amoxicyllin -500 and then cifran (ciprofloxacin) 250 with other supporting medicines.I also got blood test and chest X-ray which do not indicate any abnormalities. During the infection, body temprature was rising a bit more.I was feeling pain in lung side ribs during this period particularly when i was coughing. Again I feel same pain in the ribs while coughing,at present, though I do nothave much cold or no fever.

A:From the description of your symptoms, it seems that you had a viral infection giving you a flu-like illness with cough,fever, and chest wall pains that are aggravated by breathing and coughing.Sometimes, these pains linger on for a time though 2 months seems a longtime. Have you tried a gentle massage over the areas of pain? You shouldalso have a check chest x-ray. If this is normal and your doctor findsnothing abnormal then should ignore the pain and hopefully it will settle.You should also take some simple painkiller such as paracetemol if the painis troublesome.


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