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Cochlear implant for hearing loss?

Q: I was given streptomycin at the age of 4 years. Due to this medication, I developed hearing loss. Some doctors say that it is known as nerve deafness and is incurable. A few other doctors say that my cells have been damaged and cochlear implant is the only solution to my problem. I do not suffer from severe hearing loss. But I can never hear clear words which come out of speakers. In other words, I cannot hear all kinds of high frequency sounds. Also, I cannot hear a person unless we are face to face. I have tried many hearing machines, but this doesn't help me. Kindly suggest whether I should go for Cochlear Implant and what are the measures I should take before and after the implant.

A:Have you tried the best digital hearing aids for your level of hearing loss? If your speech discrimination score (SDS) is less then 30-35% with the best hearing aids, then you are a candidate for cochlear implant, provided you can afford the 6-7 lakhs it costs. If the SDS is more than that, then I would suggest you use a hearing aid, rather than risk losing the rest of your hearing, with chances of meningitis and facial paresis.


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