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Children - frequent coughs

Q: I have twins aged 5 years 5 months. Their weights are 15 and 16 kgs. Very frequently they get cough attacks, fever, wheezing. They are presently on inhalers (flixotide). Is there any way we could avoid these attacks? Are these inhalers safe for long use?Please advise.

A:Your twins have allergic respiratory disease and they are under the right management with Inhalers. These inhalers do not have any side effects even after continuous use over a period of years, under medical supervision. They have a very good chance of growing out of this allergy with advancing age. The triggering factors are viral infections such as influenza, exposure to strong smells such as perfume, incense sticks or room fresheners and fresh paint, exposure to smoke such as with diesel fumes, cigarette smoke etc., and exposure to dust such as with dust storms or construction and whitewashing.


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