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Children - bronchial asthma

Q: My child age 3 and half years old is suffering from Bronchial Asthma as diagnosed by the pediatrician. Some doctors say that he has a problem of allergy while others say it has developed due to change of season. Accordingly they prescribe different medicines and then change it after sometime and the poor child continues to suffer. May I know that why inspite of good doses of Theo Ashthalin & Erythromycin plus TUSQ-D he continues to suffer from cough? What is in your opinion the best course of medicine I should opt for so that my child does not suffer from this ailment in future.

A:It is important to know more about your child before any recommendations can be made. How long has this been going on? Did it start with any kind of infection? Is there clearly wheezing? Does it come and go? Are there any other problems like ear infections? Is there normal growth?It is unusual to develop allergies so young. The likliest diagnosis is bronchial asthma, and it may be necessary to try and do special breathing tests to confirm it - A cough is suggestive of asthma, but your child may need a chest X ray to exclude other problems (for example, a swallowed foreign object, or low grade infection) -also the doctors may need to try more intensive therapy - for example using steroid inhalant therapy.


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