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Children - breath holding spells

Q: My daughter (age 6 months) is suffering from breath holding spasms, due to wchich she sometimes suffers from fits/convulsions. This problem occurred when she was 2 months old. We gave her medicines to control this. I would like to know why this problem occurred and what is the cure for it.

A:I think one must be clear about the diagnosis. In breath holding spasms allattacks occur when the patient cries. She cries, cries, cries then breath isheld and she becomes unconscious and pale and may have a small jerking. Ifthis is so this is not an epileptic disorder and does not require gardenal.She should get an Iron tonic and Valium 0.5mg at night for 1 month or so.Also after she gets the attack you should not give what she wanted in thefirst place and was crying for. If it is not this way and some attacks come without the initial cry etc. it is not breath holding spasm and then she may be treated as epileptic if fits are occurring.


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