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Childhood asthma

Q: I am the father of a female child who will complete 3 years of age on August 23, 2002. Since 2nd August, my daughter is not keeping well and has: cough, cold, watering of eyes and vomiting after continuous coughing.I took her to a child specialist in Virar, Mumbai and he nebulised her on 4th, 5th & 6th and she received a total 10 doses of nebulization. The doctor also informed me that my daughter's chances of getting/developing asthma is more than that of any other child. I told him that I also have asthma. Please tell me how to avoid asthma and what kind of foods, medicines, vitamins I should give her? She was prescribed Ceff tablet 250 mg - 3 times a day for five days , along with Bricarex syrup - which I have given her on schedule. Today (9th August) she still coughs, but to a lesser extent. What should I do now, some people recommend ayurvedic syrups of tulsna and some other syrup. Your early reply will be appreciated. Thanking you all folks for this wonderful service.

A:It may not be possible to prevent getting asthma if there is a strong family history. Childhood asthma doesn't necessarily mean life-long asthma. Most children who wheeze in childhood, grow out of it and by the age of 10-12 years, no longer wheeze when they get a cold or viral infection. Until she grows up and reaches the age of 10-12 years, it is important to treat any wheezing episodes properly to ensure she grows normally. Other than the treatment prescribed by your Paediatricians, do not use any other medicines.


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