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Child - blood in urine

Q: I have a 7 year old son. In January 2002, during one of his physical examination some blood in the urine was found. He was tested 2-3 times & everytime the microscopic blood was seen. Then we actually saw blood in his urine 3-4 times. We referred him to a paediatrician who did some urine tests & ultrasound also but everything was normal. Then she referred us to a paediatric nephrologist. He wanted the paediatrician to do one more test before calling us for an appointment. I think some calcium in the urine, not sure as we dont have any reports, they all are with the doctor. Even that test was normal. So he said there was no need of consulting him as there was nothing wrong in the tests & results are all positive. The child does not have any other symptoms like pain or inflammation. Whenever we saw blood, it was everytime when he came back from play. Now recently we have not seen any blood in his urine. We just want to make sure that blood in the childs urine is normal? We were not convinced about it by the doctor.

A:Having blood in your childs urine is not a normal phenomenon. It should be investigated fully, before declaring it of being of no consequence. A Plain X ray KUB (Kidney, ureter, bladder) area must be done to rule out a small stone in the urinary tract. If that is normal, then a C3, C4 estimation and a repeat Calcium to creatinine ratio in the spot urine taken randomly 2 or 3 times more should be done. If there is no significant Protein in the urine sample, it is a good sign, but if there is significant Protein in the urine even a kidney biopsy should be done by the Nephrologist. A urinary stone is ruled out only after an IVP is done. Also I hope the childs B.P. is normal. Please consult a Paediatric Nephrologist.


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