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Careful cleaning of the ears

Q: On Aug 12, I was cleaning my ear with a ear bud I accidentally hit something (boil) near the ear. Bleeding started and soon there was pus formation. A doctor applied betadiene solution on the laceration and that was that. After 8 days my ear got blocked. The ENT specialist cauterised the laceration to stop the bleeding and said to open the block, a small incision needed to be made to relieve the accumulated fluid in the back ear. But advised me to wait for 15 days to see if it opens on its own. Now as on Aug 31, the laceration has begun to bleed again. The ear is hurting now and fluid is leaking from the back ear for the last 6 days - but the ear is still blocked. In fact, sometimes my other ear also gets blocked as if in a sympathetic reaction to my affected left ear.

A:If discharge and swelling is there you need a course of antibiotic and local dressing or incision and drainage depending on the amount of swelling. Once pain and swelling reduce thorough cleaning of the ear, it should be followed by complete ear examination by an ENT doctor.


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