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Cancer - underksin lump

Q: I have got a small lump on my left hand near the place where injections are given. It is the size of crocin tablet. It is inside the skin and it does not pain. I noticed it about 2-3 months back. Though it does not give any pain even when I touch the part of the skin below which it resides and directly try to gauge its size, over the last two weeks it has grown in size and at times my elbow experiences a sensation during some hand movements, which I think are because of it. Please could you advise if it is soemthing that could be potentially dangerous and need to be attended to immediately?

A:The lump is either a neurofibroma, fibroma, lipoma or other tumour originating from connective tissue present under your skin. Although these are usually benign masses, if it has grown in size in the last 2 weeks, there is a significant chance that the mass is malignant. You must show it to a surgeon quickly.


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