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Can you tell me a permanent cure for dry cough?

Q: My mother is 68 years old and is severely suffering from dry cough. We are taking treatment from the last 2 years. The doctors have used many syrups and antibiotics but it keeps recurring. Currently we are in Bangalore and now the problem is more severe. From the last 6 months she is taking Cipla Inhaler but in vain. The cough is neither increasing or decreasing. please help. She is a regular visitor to the doctor and is suffering from high blood pressure and has had kidney failure two years back. The weight is 66 kg and the height is 5 feet.

A:Firstly consult your Cardiologist for the medicines she is taking for Hypertension because some of them also cause a dry hacking cough specially in the elderly. Secondly since the problem has increased in Bangalore, it points to an allergic cause also. So no amount of cough syrups will help. Ask your ENT doctor to review the anti allergic medications. Thirdly take some precautions like avoid dust and fumes, too much outdoor activity; also hydration is very important.


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