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Can we plan a child after a heart attack?

Q: I am a 36 years old male who underwent coronary angioplasty six weeks back. The doctor asked me to take complete rest for 6 to 8 weeks. Recently I have resumed my job. I don’t have children and prior to my heart attack, my spouse and I consulted a gynaecologist and were on treatment - regular spouse's sonography for detection of egg maturation. After the heart attack, we discontinued the treatment. Can we start the treatment again? I am also suffering from chest pain and pain in left shoulder. My doctor asked to undergo ECG, which came normal. I am suffering from mouth ulcer with swelling of gums. For mouth ulcers, I am taking B complex tablet and applying smile ointment to effected area. I am taking these medicines - Aspirin (200 g), Clopitab (75 g), Ticlop (250 g), Tonact (40 g), Cardace (2.5) and Metocard (50). Please advise.

A:As you are getting some chest pain and the nature of that is not clear, you may discuss with your cardiologist again and consider doing treadmill/exercise thallium to be sure that everything is fine after revascularisation. This will give you confidence. You can thus be mentally free to carry on regular physiological sexual habits.

Regarding regular sonography, I think your wife should consult the obstetrician but there is no restriction due to your ailment.

Regarding ulcer/swelling of gums, you should show it to a dentist. You are taking three antiplatelet drugs; continue Clopitab and aspirin and stop Ticlop (Ticlopidine) – the third antiplatelet drug. All this should be discussed with your physician.


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