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Can vitamins prevent re-blockage of arteries?

Q: My father had a bypass surgery for his heart problem . I want to know - how long will it take for full recovery? When can he fly to travel internationally? He keeps his leg over 2-3 pillows so that its kept slanted to reduce the pain. Is this required? I read somewhere that A combination of B6, B12 and folic acid reduces recurrence of blockage substantially?

A:1. It usually takes roughly 4-6 weeks for full recovery and return to gainful employment. 2. In case of an emergency, air travel can be either taken at any time. However, if it were a pleasure trip, I would feel 4-6 weeks delay would be in order before one takes international flights. 3. Legs are elevated to reduce the swelling in the leg and not really pain in the leg. 4. Folic acid deficiency can lead to blockages of the arteries of the heart. It doesn't mean that in every patient, this is the cause of blockages. However, if some patient has, what we call high levels of homocysteine folic acid replacement is advocated and not as a routine. I think for this, you must consult your cardiologist who should be able to check the homocysteine levels in your blood and advise accordingly.


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