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Can varicose veins be treated without surgery?

Q: I am a 64 years old man and suspect varicose veins and spider veins. These problems are causing swelling in my legs. I get relief only when I keep the legs high. I have a job, which requires sitting for long hours. Is there any treatment without undergoing surgery? Please advise.

A:There are some medicines being promoted as venotonic drugs, claiming to improve the tone of veins and improve the venous circulation. All these drugs are not effective. These are no better than placebo drugs i.e. as good as sweets. If the patient is not interested in surgery then the only effective treatment for the varicose veins is to wear Graduated Compression stocking. Along with this he has to do as much walking as the job permits him. The stocking can be worn during the waking hours and taken off during night. There is no doubt this treatment will keep all symptoms of the Varicose veins at bay.


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