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Can the uterus be removed for stopping menstrual cycle?

Q: My 56 years old sister is still getting her monthly periods. She is tired of it now and wants to get her uterus removed. The scanning report says that there is no problem with the uterus. If she still persists regarding getting the uterus removed, will it affect her general health? She does not have any history of diabetes or hypertension. Is there is any alternate method of stopping the monthly periods?

A:The menses will anyway stop on its own within a few months or a year. Why does she want to interfere with nature? If the menses is normal- she can handle it. Medicines to stop are not without side effects, and hysterectomy is not at all recommended for silly frivolous reasons like boredom with menses. There are several possible complications that may linger even up to a month like chronic pain, difficulty in sex, reduced hormone levels, including need for hormone replacement, and ill health and early aging, besides the cost of treatment- all of which is more costly that just bearing with the periods for a few months.


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