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Can the tumour in the liver be treated by radio frequency therapy?

Q: One of my relatives has been suffering from hepatitis B-virus along with a tumour in the liver. Report is given below: 1. Space occupying lesion (SOL) at right lobe of the liver, may be hepatocellular carcinoma 2. Chronic hepatic parenchymal disease (early cirrhosis) 3. Hepato-splenomegaly (mild) with ascites. Is it possible to do radio frequency therapy of the tumour (RFT)? Where can it be done in and around Kolkata and how much cost is involved for the purpose?

A:I am sorry that your relative has hepatitis B and a liver tumour. Radio Frequency Ablation of Tumour is indicated when there is a solitary tumour in the liver that cannot be removed surgically. It is indicated in a single tumour not greater than 3 to 4 cm in size, situated deep within the liver, when resection cannot be performed. It is not indicated when the tumour is located on the surface as bleeding from the tumour may occur. It is also contraindicated in the presence of ascites. However, there are alternative methods of treatment such as arterial chemo-embolisation. However, surgery remains the primary option if not contra indicated. I do not know of any place in Calcutta or nearby where radio frequency ablation can be done. However, this is being performed at AIIMS in New Delhi where you may take your relative.


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