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Can stopping gym exercises make me fat?

Q: I am 27 years old. I joined the gym at the age of 23. I exercised for 3 months, during which I lost my weight by 5-6 kg. I stopped going to the gym after sometime but continued doing normal exercises like walking. I observed that after stopping gym exercises, I developed fat on my body parts, which was not there previously, such as thighs, buttocks etc. Is it harmful to stop after doing gym exercises for a few months? Do muscles develop on areas where they were not previously?

A:No, if you stop, muscles will not turn into fat. No, physiologically it is impossible. Muscle cells are muscle cells and fat cells are fat cells. One cannot change into another. It is your eating habits that lead to this kind of a problem. If you continue to eat, these excess calories will be deposited as fat and give the appearance of muscles turning into fat.


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