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Can premature sagging of breasts be corrected by surgery?

Q: I am 21 years old, soon to get married. Due to weight fluctuations in my teenage years, I have developed premature sagging of breasts. I wish to undergo plastic surgery to correct them, before I get married. I have no idea which doctor to consult and how much the procedure will cost? I had a problem with keloid scarring after getting my ear pierced. What should I do?

A:Its a relatively common problem nowadays with the advent of dieting and sudden weight loss not coupled with exercises. You require a mastopexy, which is a lift and tightening of the breast skin around you breast tissue and also a lift of the same to correct the sagging. Usually the ear injuries are prone for keloids but whether they will happen with your breast scars is questionable. Yes, there will be scars but different surgeon use different techniques. I would prefer giving you a scar around your nipple to minimise its visibility. You need to consult a plastic surgeon for the same. All this has to be decided after examining you and looking at the exact nature of your problem.


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