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Can pharyngitis be cured?

Q: I had done tummy crunch - sit up exercises in gym, putting the bar in highest slope and with lots of jerk and rapid counts, rigorously for almost 9 months, and I have realised this has caused me major throat problem. I feel there has been some wounds inside my throat. If I sing or talk, my voice gets as if bruised. Is my throat undergoing some muscular disorder? If I sing I cant strike the right note effortlessly, I have to strain my voice as I get irritating feelings which obstructs my normal voice flow. I'm a singer, so I have gone really upset and hyper about this. Is this curable? Has some irreparable injury occurred inside my throat? Will the body heal up gradually with time? I have been told by the doctor that still I have swelling in throat and the tonsil-pharyngitis is also seen. Few days back, above all I caught cold due to season change and my voice felt choked. Can anyone get rid of pharyngitis completely? I never had history of any tonsil problem before. I am 24 years old. I want to know what may have been the probable reason of getting affected by pharyngitis? Is it related to tonsil infection? The 2 glands situated below the jaw can still be felt by fingers. Is pharyngitis a permanent problem or it goes away with completion of some course?

A:About the voice getting changed after the exercise, I am not too sure as to what must have happened. Except that you put too much strain on the neck during the crunches and it partly weakened your vocal cords due to the strain and inflammation. This can be easily examined by an ENT examination of the voice box. The infection in the throat can also be a cause for this inflammation. Pharyngitis is of various types and if it is infective it can definitely be cured. An allergic or an inflammatory throat may take a long time to get cured but it can definitely be controlled. Glands below the jaw means the lymph nodes have reacted to an inflammation or an infection of the throat. It can go only if the cause is taken care of.


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