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Can penile curvature be corrected?

Q: I have a congenital curvature in my penis facing down (30 degrees down from straight horizontal). It is because the upper part of the penis is longer than the lower part so there is a curve. The lift is also not much and even after erection it hangs down. Can it be straightened and lifted? Have heard that it requires surgery. How safe is the surgery and what is the success rate? Does it cause erectile dysfunction (ED) after surgery in some cases? How complicated / simple is the surgery? How long will it take to resume normal life after surgery? How much expense will be incurred? Is there any place in Bangalore which specialises in this kind of surgery.

A:Yes the curvature can be corrected by surgery and results are good. It may take more than one operation. Complications are usually minor and it will not cause ED. Cost varies from place to place. You can resume your work in 3 weeks time. See a urologist but discuss various surgical options as there are more than one type of surgery. There are many urologists in Banglore.


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