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Can penile chordee be treated successfully?

Q: My son is two months old and is born with mid penile chordee. What is the cause and is it treatable?

A:Chordee is a congenital downward curvature of the penis due to a strand of connective tissue between the urethral opening and the glands. It is often associated with hypospadias, which is a congenital condition where the urethral opening is not at the tip of the penis, but in another location along the ventrum of the shaft. These are congenital defects and finding a cause is neither possible nor helpful. Yes, your son could have total correction of the defect and would be normal after that. This is a special surgery and should be done by those who have special training and expertise. It is done by urologist, paediatric surgeons and plastic surgeons and you will have to find out who has experience in hypospadia reconstruction in your area.


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