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Can other forms of salt be taken by high BP patients?

Q: There are lots of myths about consumption of salt for high BP patients. Could you please tell the difference between ordinary salt, sendha namak, rock salt, and kala namak. Does sodium content differ in these? Is is advisable to take LoNa salt sold by dabur in place of normal salt?

A:One should not consume any salt (or restrict it) when BP is high. Rock salt, commonly called sendha namak and other salts have sodium in various amounts and in case of hypertensives, sodium consumption is to be restricted to levels permitted by the doctors. Dieticians / others may recommend other forms of salt, however to optimise control over hypertension, and to see best effects of medicines, it is advisable to restrict salt intake and also sodium from other food sources than just salt. LoNa salt is sometimes recommended, however these products may not serve as a permanent solution to not taking the original salt. You must restrict salt and sodium intake to the level told to you by the doctor, in this regard, you may need help of a dietician.


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