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Can one have a normal sexual life with an enlarged prostate?

Q: I have an enlarged prostate and had a biopsy test. The result was negative for malignancy. Of course, I am taking medicines as per the doctor’s advice for the past three months. My doubt is can I enjoy normal sex activity with my wife? Will it affect my prostate? Now my urination is controlled, previously I could not control it. Kindly help me.

A:Biopsy on your prostate must have been done to rule out malignancy based on your PSA or some other finding. After the malignancy is excluded, you have only an enlarged hypertrophied prostate seen with advancing age, and their is nothing unusual about it. Prostate enlargement or its treatment with medications or surgery have no bearing on sexual performance and pleasure and I can assure you that you may perform as well as you could without your treatment. Contiflo being given to you may cause absence of discharge at ejaculation in 15 to 20% men, but does not mar the performance, or pleasure. Surgery for prostate, similarly, may cause absent ejaculation in a very high percentage without affecting actual act. Dutasteride may be avoided in sexually active man as it has been reported to cause some decrease in sexual desire. You may see your doctor for change of medications if you feel there has been a change after initiating the treatment. Coversely, sexual activity also does not increase the prostatic problems, and you may perform the activity without any such risk.


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