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Can newborns be kept in an air-conditioned room?

Q: Can newborns be kept in an air-conditioned room? If yes, then what temperature is best suited for them and how should they be clothed at this temperature? At which age do babies become capable of regulating their internal temperature properly? Till such age, what temperature/fan/humidity setting should be used in air conditioners at home? In general, how do we check to make sure that baby is not too cold or too hot?

A:The airconditioner can be used in the room, if the room temperature is high. The ideal room temperature for newborn babies who are well covered is 28-30 degree Celsius. While covering a baby make sure that baby's head, hands and feet are well covered. During first 4-6 weeks of age newborn babies are vulnerable to get cold. Easy way to check if the baby is adequately warm is to check the soles and abdomen of the baby with back of your hand. Both should be equally warm, the hands and feet should not be cold to touch.


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