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Can neem leaves help in relieving mouth ulcers?

Q: I am 56 years old. I get ulcers on the tip and sides of my tongue, for the last 30 years. It occurs every month or two after I get a cold. I am constantly taking Zevit and steroids/antibiotics when these appear, but there is not much relief. Recently, I purchased an anaesthetic gel, which helps in eating without tears. I consulted an ENT specialist, who said that the ulcers are from an unknown cause. I have also taken medicines for herpes simplex and candida systemic infections. But still there was no relief. A few days back, I ate fresh sprouted leaves of the Neem tree, which are red in colour and not so bitter to taste. I got relief within one day. I tried it the second time and again got relief. I don't need the gel to eat anymore. The ulcers started diminishing in a day. Is there some correlation or was just the time for the ulcers to vanish.

A:Your observation with neem seems interesting. Probably neem is acting as antiseptic here. We do not recommend antibiotics for uninfected ulcers, in fact they themselves may cause ulceration and may delay healing. Rather than taking oral steroids for long, it is better to use local steroid gels. You must rule out ulcers being a manifestation of systemic problem somewhere else. Maintain hygiene of mouth by using local antiseptic gargles (like betadine gargles) and continue folic acid and multivitamins. Increase intake of green salads in your diet.


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