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Can my sister go for kidney transplantation?

Q: My sister is living with a single working kidney. Seven years back, a doctor told us that since birth only one kidney was functioning. Seven years back he removed the kidney, which was not working at all. She had asthma, which she may have got it from my father. Now, my sister is 33 years of age, married and has 2 kids and she is a working woman. Can you please advise if kidney transplantation can happen and what is the procedure?

A:Based on the information provided, it seems that your sister probably has a functioning single kidney. The long-term prognosis with a single kidney is excellent with the sole kidney taking up the function of the other removed kidney, by simply growing bigger over the time. However, it would be helpful to know additional information: firstly, the cause behind the loss of the removed kidney’s function; secondly, whether the cause still persists which can put the sole remaining kidney to the risk of damage and finally, the results of her kidney function tests including level of creatinine in her blood (serum creatinine value) in order to estimate her level of sole kidney function. It is premature to think about the need for transplantation of kidney in your sister, which is indicated only during the stage of kidney failure i.e., when one has <10% of normal kidney function left at her age.


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