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Can my low sperm motility be treated?

Q: I am 30 years old. I had got my semen analysis done. The count was 22 million/ml. But the motility rate was Grade III 5% and Grade II 15%. So, the doctor prescribed me the following tablets: UBIQ 100 mg in the morning and Carnivite 500 mg one in the morning and one in the evening. These will have to be continued for two months. What is the use of these tablets? Will my motility become normal after taking these medicines? Can I father a child, even with this report? Other factors are normal.

A:You may have a normal chance to father a child with good sperm count of 20 million. Unfortunately, only 20% of your 22 million sperms are good, thus the infertility. You have two problems, a poor count and poor motility. First thing would be to check the semen again, if tests have not been done at least twice at an interval of 2-3 weeks with enough abstinence. If results still show the same findings, you need investigations for your findings (oligoasthenospermia). The next step is to investigate for associated findings like chronic infections, varicocoele or immunological causes. Your luckiest chance would be to have an associated varicocoele, since its surgical correction results in improved semen in 70% cases. The treatment you are on presently is a general treatment with little or no chance of spontaneous improvement.


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